We provide tennis programs to the community through lessons, tournaments, tennis play days, and other activities. We work hand in hand with the City of Taylor to maintain the Murphy Park Tennis Center and ensure tennis continues to not only be offered, but grow at every level.

We also provide scholarships to senior tennis players in the area. If you are interested in applying please contact your high school counselor to see if we are offering a scholarship to your school, or contact us to be considered.

Volunteer opportunities are also available with the Taylor Area Tennis Association in many forms. We often need help with our tournaments, keeping the grounds and restrooms cleans, and other activities. Contact us if you are interested in serving as a volunteer.

T.A.P is short for Tennis Assistance Program. If you are a local player or Coach who has a player who needs help with a tennis racquet, shoes, etc please contact us for a form. Once filled out and received we will make every effort to get the student the basic supplies they need to compete. All applicants will be anonymous.